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Please read the following terms and conditions very carefully as your use of service is subject to your acceptance of and compliance with the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Use” or “Agreement”).

These Terms of Use sets forth legally binding terms and conditions and the nature of services offered by (hereinafter referred to as “Mehfil” or “Platform”, “Website” or “We” or “us”). The website is owned and operated by ITCH, a partnership firm incorporated and registered under the laws of Pakistan and having its office at Plot# 126-N, Street 1, Muslim Commercial, Phase 6, DHA Karachi (hereinafter referred to as “ITCH”).

“Venue Seeker” is the one seeking to book venue(s) through the Platform whereas the “Venue Manager” is the one who has listed the venue on the Platform for it to be given out to the Venue Seeker for events.

The use of this Platform/Website (and any other feature, content or application offered from time to time by the Platform) is subject at all times to these Terms of Use (and may be modified by us from time to time) and all other applicable laws, rules and regulations.

We recommend that before accessing and using the Platform, you must read and agree to these Terms of Use.


By accessing or using the Platform/Website in any manner, including, but not limited to, visiting, browsing, registering or booking on the Platform, you agree that you have read, understood and agreed to be legally bound by the terms and conditions set forth below. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms of Use, please do not access or use this Website.

Mehfil is not intended for use by minors or by any person who is not capable of understanding, entering into and adhering to these Terms of Use or any other related terms or policies. By using the Platform you acknowledge and agree that you are above the age of 18 and capable to understand the usage of the Platform and enter into transactions as contemplated. If the Company has reason to believe that you are under the age of 18 years, we reserve the right (but are not obliged) to suspend or revoke access to the Website and to decline or cancel any bookings made using your Account. These Terms of Use may be modified, changed or altered by us at any time without prior notice. By agreeing to these Terms of Use, you hereby accept that you shall be responsible for periodically checking the changes and/or updates to these Terms of Use. It is agreed that your continued access to the Website after such changes are made, shall conclusively demonstrate your due acceptance of them.


Mehfil has entered into separate agreements with the Venue Managers which ensures that they provide Venue Seekers with all the services in accordance with the agreement and other applicable terms so notified. However, the purpose of the Platform is to connect the Venue Manager and the Venue Seeker who automatically enter into a separate transaction and agreement once the Venue Seeker books a Venue of the Venue Manager from the Platform/Website. We are not a party to this agreement/arrangement between the Venue Manager and the Venue Seeker and merely act as a facilitator to connect the two and it is the Venue Manager who is responsible to provide the agreed Venue and allied services if any.


Users must check the description of the services and the Venue carefully before making a booking at the Platform. User(s) agree to be bound by all the conditions as contained in the venue description/usage terms, booking confirmation as well as the terms and conditions.

If a User intends to make a booking on behalf of another person, it shall be the responsibility of the User to inform the Venue Manager of the same as well as such person about the terms of this Terms of Use, including all rules and restrictions applicable thereto. In this regard, Mehfil shall not be responsible in any manner.

The User further undertakes to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, orders, directions etc. including the venue usage terms listed by the Venue Manager and all other rules, regulations, directions as per the government, law, district, cantonment and authority or any other statutory body empowered to do so.

Users also authorize the representative of the Platform or the Company to contact such users over phone, message, WhatsApp and email.


Prices published on the Platform are subject to frequent changes without intimation to the User and the same may be cautious to this fact before making the booking

The User is aware that the booking price may include commissions that are payable to the Company. The Company is also at liberty to publish prices at its own discretion and as per its agreement with the Venue Manager.

In addition to the prices mentioned on the Platform, the User may also be required to pay certain additional amounts such as taxes and other charges.

When you book a Venue through the Platform, you are agreeing to pay all charges for your booking including the listing/booking price, applicable fees, service fee, taxes, and any other items identified during checkout.


The Platform may contain links to third party websites. Mehfil does not control such websites and is not responsible for its contents. If a User accesses any third-party website, the same shall be done entirely at the User's risk and Mehfil/Company shall assume no liability for the same. If the advertisements or the content of the third party is found to be misleading, you are requested to contact the advertiser or the third party, and agree that Mehfil will not be responsible for any misleading advertisement or content.

Mehfil is not responsible for any content, errors, omissions or representations on the Platform or any of its pages, links or any linked website pages.

The Venue description or other contents on the Platform are published by the Venue Managers and Mehfil is not responsible for the genuineness and accuracy of the same. All transactions shall be entered into by the User at its own risk.


Any unauthorized use of and access to the Website/Platform is void and prohibited. By accessing and using this Website/Platform, you represent and warrant that (a) all information submitted by you is truthful and accurate; (b) you agree to maintain the accuracy of the information provided by you; (c) you are above 18 years of age; (d) you agree to abide by the terms of use and all other arrangements entered into; (e) use the Platform and the Venue (when booked) as per the terms and be liable for all illegal or unauthorized use; (f) if you list a venue, you must, amongst other things, fulfill the obligation of providing the same to the venue seeker on the list price and terms when booked; and (g) the use of the Website by you do not violate any applicable laws or regulations.


Mehfil is a tech-based platform that facilitates in connecting Venue Managers providing their property across Pakistan with Venue Seekers/Users for events. Mehfil is a platform to assist you to connect to the Venue Manager in respect of the services offered by them for wedding functions, corporate events or any other kind of event.

While booking a Venue through the Platform, you agree and acknowledge that:

  • (i) Mehfil is not and cannot be a party to or control in any manner any transaction between you and the Venue Manager;
  • (ii) The price and other information posted on the Platform is provided on “as is” basis and is published as per the terms of this agreement or a separate agreement between the Venue Manager and the Company. The Platform shall not be responsible for any variation in the price and /or information/description of the venue/products and /or services listed on the Platform;
  • (iii) Mehfil does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the availability status of products and /or services;
  • (iv) Any price shared over recommendation email is tentative in nature and the final price may vary on the basis of date and /or time selected;
  • (v) Booking of venue can only be cancelled in line with cancellation policy stated at the time of booking and mentioned on the Website; Refund (if any) will also be in line with the policy stated at the time of booking and mentioned on the website.
  • (vi) Mehfil does not make any representation or warranty as to specifics (such as quality, value, delivery etc.) of the venue or products / services proposed to be sold or offered to be sold, booked or purchased on the Platform/Website. Mehfil does not implicitly or explicitly support or endorse the sale or purchase of any products or services on the Website. Mehfil accepts no liability for any content, statement, errors or omissions, whether on behalf of itself or third parties; and
  • (vii) In case there is a dispute between you and the Venue Manager, both the disputing parties will attempt to resolve the said dispute amicably. However, if the parties fail to resolve the said dispute, the parties will then refer the said matter to Mehfil for an amicable solution. You agree that Mehfil will make a decision at its own discretion and the said decision will be final and binding upon both the parties.

By successfully booking a Venue through the Platform, you are being granted a limited license by the Venue Manager to enter, set-up and use the Venue for your event. The Venue Manager retains the right to re-enter the Venue during your stay, to the extent:

  • (i) it is reasonably necessary,
  • (ii) permitted by your terms listed by the Venue Manager, and
  • (iii) consistent with applicable law. If you fail to leave before the end time, the Venue Manager has the right to make you leave in a manner consistent with applicable law, including by imposing reasonable over-use penalties. You may not exceed the maximum number of allowed guests nor use the Venue for any purpose other than the one stated and expressly allowed.


We have a wide variety of spaces available on the platform. You agree and acknowledge Mehfil is not bound to offer any, or any particular, services on the Platform and may choose whether or not to offer a service in its sole discretion.

Rankings: In the search results of the Platform, the listings are ranked based on various parameters which incorporate venue-level features, user preferences, type of search etc. The main and significant parameters are listed below:

  • i. User search parameters (e.g. the number of user searches, type of city etc.)
  • ii. Property characteristics (e.g. guest reviews and ratings, location of the venue, discount offered etc.)
  • iii. User’s preferences (e.g. preferred price, preferred amenities, rating preference, etc.)

The ranking of listings changes from user to user and may appear different on mobile applications and websites. The properties will be “boosted” in the listing/ranking as part of a program and will be tagged appropriately.


Mehfil declares that any material from this Website is not allowed to be copied or distributed, or republished, or transmitted in any way, without the prior written consent of the Company. Any unauthorized use or violation of these Terms of Use shall immediately and automatically terminate your right to access and use this Website and shall further subject you to legal liability. You warrant to Mehfil that you shall not use the Website for any purpose that is unlawful, unauthorized, or inconsistent with these terms, and you agree that your right to use Website will terminate immediately upon your violation of this warranty.

Mehfil reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to block or terminate your access to the Website and remove non-compliant information/content at any time, with or without notice in the event you are in non-compliance with these Terms of Use or Mehfil’s Privacy Policy. Mehfil will not host, store, or publish any unlawful information, which is prohibited under law in interest of the sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan, security of state, friendly relation with foreign states, public order, decency, or morality, or is in contempt of court, is defamatory or incites an offence regarding the above, or any other prohibited information and may remove or disable access to such information, voluntarily or upon receipt of a court order or on being notified by a Government agency. Such information may not be removed or access to it may not be disabled, if the information is temporary, transient, or intermediate storage of information is done in an automatic manner, which does not involve exercise of any human, automated or algorithmic editorial control by us. You hereby provide express consent and authorisation to Mehfil to retain the information that has been removed or disabled to meet the requirement of statutory authorities and to comply with the applicable laws.

You agree, acknowledge, confirm and undertake that you shall not use the Website to host, display, upload, modify, publish, transmit, store, update or share any information/data that:

  • (i) belongs to another person and to which the user does not have any right;
  • (ii) is defamatory, obscene, pornographic, paedophilic, invasive of another’s privacy, including bodily privacy, insulting or harassing on the basis of gender, libellous, racially or ethnically objectionable, relating or encouraging money laundering or gambling, or otherwise inconsistent with or contrary to applicable laws;
  • (iii) is harmful to minors;
  • (iv) infringes any patent, trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights;
  • (v) violates any law for the time being in force;
  • (vi) deceives or misleads the addressee about the origin of the message or knowingly and intentionally communicates any information which is patently false or misleading in nature but may reasonably be perceived as a fact;
  • (vii) impersonates another person;
  • (viii) threatens the unity, integrity, defence, security or Sovereignty of Pakistan, friendly relations with foreign States, or public order, or causes incitement to the commission of any cognizable offence or prevents investigation of any offence or is insulting any foreign States;
  • (ix) contains software virus or any other computer code, file or program designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer resource;
  • (x) is patently false and untrue, and is written or published in any form, with the intent to mislead or harass a person, entity or agency for financial gain or to cause any injury to any person;
  • (xi) is fraudulent or involves the use of counterfeit or stolen credit cards; and
  • (xii) any attempt of using the account, username, or password of another user, as applicable, at any time or disclosing your password, as applicable, to any third party or permitting any third party to access your account; shall not create any liability for the Company.
    If you contravene these Terms of Use (including without limitation the foregoing) or Mehfil has reasonable grounds to suspect that you have contravened these Terms of Use (including without limitation the foregoing), Mehfil has the right to indefinitely deny or terminate your access or usage rights to the Website immediately and/or remove non-compliant information and to refuse to honour your request(s) to continue accessing or using the Website.

Obscene Content: If you are exposed to or have concerns regarding the content on the Platform that: (a) is in the nature of any material which exposes the private area of an individual; (b) shows an individual in full or partial nudity; (c) shows or depicts an individual in any sexual act or conduct; or (d) is in the nature of impersonation (in an electronic form), such as artificially morphed images of an individual, then you (or any person on your behalf) may raise a grievance by reaching out to us on

Mehfil is entitled to have automated systems and tools in place to improve its ability to detect and remove obscene, abusive or any other prohibited content (partially or fully) that violates these Terms of Use or that harms other Users or integrity of Mehfil services. You are prohibited from engaging in the following activities but are not limited to:

  • a. systematically retrieve data or other content from the Platform to create or compile, directly or indirectly, a collection, compilation, database, or directory without written permission from Mehfil;
  • b. make any unauthorized use of the Website, including collecting user names and/or email addresses of users by electronic or other means for the purpose of sending unsolicited email, or creating user accounts by automated means or under false pretenses;
  • c. circumvent, disable, or otherwise interfere with security-related features of the Website, including features that prevent or restrict the use or copying of any content or enforce limitations on the use of the Website and/or the content contained therein;
  • d. engage in unauthorized framing of or linking to the Website;
  • e. trick, defraud, or mislead us and other users, especially in any attempt to learn sensitive account information such as user passwords;
  • f. make improper use of our support services or submit false reports of abuse or misconduct;
  • g. engage in any automated use of the system, such as using scripts to send comments or messages, or using any data mining, robots, or similar data gathering and extraction tools;
  • h. interfere with, disrupt, or create an undue burden on the Website or the networks or services connected to the Website;
  • i. attempt to impersonate another user or person or use the username of another user;
  • j. sell or otherwise transfer your profile;
  • k. use any information obtained from the Webiste in order to harass, abuse, or harm another person;
  • l. use the Website as part of any effort to compete with us or otherwise use the Website and/or its content for any revenue-generating endeavour or commercial enterprise;
  • m. decipher, decompile, disassemble, or reverse engineer any of the software comprising or in any way making up a part of the Website;
  • n. attempt to bypass any measures of the Webiste designed to prevent or restrict access to the Website, or any portion of the Website;
  • o. copy or adapt the Website’s software, including but not limited to Flash, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, or other code;
  • p. upload or transmit (or attempt to upload or to transmit) viruses, Trojan horses, or other material, including excessive use of capital letters and spamming (continuous posting of repetitive text), that interferes with any party’s uninterrupted use and enjoyment of the Website or modifies, impairs, disrupts, alters, or interferes with the use, features, functions, operation, or maintenance of the Website;
  • q. upload or transmit (or attempt to upload or to transmit) any material that acts as a passive or active information collection or transmission mechanism;
  • r. except as may be the result of standard search engine or Internet browser usage, use, launch, develop, or distribute any automated system, including without limitation, any spider, robot, cheat utility, scraper, or offline reader that accesses the Website, or using or launching any unauthorized script or other software; and
  • s. Disparage, tarnish, or otherwise harm, in our opinion, us and/or the Website.

By uploading and content on the Platform, you give the Company the right to retain and use the same wherever and when ever it so deems appropriate whether or not you remain a user of the Platform.

All data gathered by using the Platform shall be the property of the Company who may use the same in any manner as it deems appropriate.

You are responsible and liable for your own acts and omissions and are also responsible for the acts and omissions of anyone you invite to join or provide access to the Venue. For example, amongst other things, this means: (i) you are responsible for leaving the Venue in the condition it was in when you arrived, (ii) you are responsible for paying all reasonable damage claim amounts necessary to cover damage that you, your guest(s), vendor(s), employee(s) or agent(s) cause to an Venue, and (iii) you must act with integrity, treat others with respect, and comply with applicable laws at all times.

You acknowledge that many activities carry inherent risks and agree that, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, you assume the entire risk arising out of your access to and use of the Venue. This means, amongst other things, it is your responsibility to investigate a Venue & the Venue Manager to determine whether it is suitable for you and your guests. For example, certain matters may carry risk of illness, bodily injury, disability, or death, and you freely and willfully assume those risks by choosing to book the venue.


Our Privacy Policy available on the Website provides details about the information we collect about you and how we use it. Further, Company shall be at liberty to use the same in any manner it deems fit in addition to providing the same upon receipt of government order, or any order from the court or any competent authority, provide information or assistance to authorized Government agencies for verification of identity or traceability of the User, or prevention, detection, investigation, prosecution, cyber security incidents and punishment of offences under any law.


The information, materials, services available on the Platform/Website may include inaccuracies, typographical errors, or outdated information for which Mehfil is not responsible and shall not be bound to honour typographical or pricing errors on the Website. Mehfil reserves the right to refuse or cancel the services at any time in which Mehfil believes you have violated applicable laws or these terms, services that Mehfil believes are harmful to them or services that Mehfil believes are fraudulent or based on illegal, fraudulent or deceitful use/furnishing of information or based on false information.

Mehfil neither warrants nor makes any representations regarding the quality, accuracy or completeness of any data, information, product, venue or service. In relation to the Website and Mehfil expressly disclaims any warranties whether express or implied about the accuracy, completeness, correctness, suitability, reliability, availability, timeliness, quality, continuity, performance, error free or uninterrupted operation/functioning, fitness for a particular purpose, workmanlike effort, non-infringement, lack of viruses or other harmful components of the services, venue, website and/or products.

Mehfil shall not be responsible for the delay or inability to use the Website, unrelated functionalities, the provision of or failure to provide functionalities, or for any information, software, services, functionalities and related graphics obtained through the Website, or otherwise arising out of the use of the Website, whether based on contract, tort, negligence, strict liability or otherwise. Further, Mehfil shall not be held responsible for non-availability of the services during periodic maintenance operations or any unplanned suspension of access to the Website that may occur due to technical reasons or for any reason beyond Mehfil control. You understand and agree that any material or data downloaded or otherwise obtained through the Website is done entirely at your own discretion and risk and you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer systems or loss of data that results from the download of such material or data. Mehfil accepts no liability for any errors or omissions, with respect to any information provided to you.

Furthermore, Mehfil shall not be liable for any issue faced by the Venue Seeker or Venue Manager by virtue of the booking or any harm, loss, damage caused to any of the parties or their guests or agents/employees or venue either before, during or after the event or booking.

Mehfil cannot guarantee the continuous and uninterrupted availability and accessibility of the Website. Mehfil may restrict the availability of the Website or certain areas or features thereof, if this is necessary in view of capacity limits, the security or integrity of our servers, or to carry out maintenance measures that ensure the proper or improved functioning of the Website. Mehfil may improve, enhance and modify the Website and introduce new services from time to time.

Mehfil reserves the right to unilaterally terminate your use of the Website without notice or any liability for any breach of these Terms of Use.

Mehfil shall be at liberty to use your data, information and other details for any purpose whatsoever including but not limited to forwarding the same to third parties.

When you receive the booking confirmation, a contract is automatically formed directly between you and the Venue Manager. In addition to these Terms, you will be subject to, and responsible for complying with, all terms of the reservation, including without limitation, the cancellation policy and any other rules, standards, policies, or requirements identified in the venue listing or during checkout that apply to the reservation. It is your responsibility to read and understand these rules, standards, policies, and requirements prior to booking a venue/listing.


When you use the Platform/Website, you agree and understand that you are communicating with Mehfil through electronic records and you consent to receive communications via electronic records from Mehfil periodically and as and when required. Mehfil may communicate with you by email or by such other mode of communication, electronic or otherwise. You specifically agree that Mehfil shall not be responsible for unauthorized access to or alteration of your transmissions or data, any material or data sent or received or not sent or received. Further, you agree that transmissions made by means of the internet cannot be guaranteed or made absolutely secure.

By using this Platform/Website, you agree that Mehfil shall not be liable for disclosure of your information due to errors in transmission or unauthorized acts of third parties. Without prejudice to the foregoing you agree that Mehfil shall not be held liable or responsible for 'phishing attacks' on you. You may accept or decline the cookies when you access the Website.


This Platform/Website and the content posted herein, which shall include but shall not be limited to pictures, branding, text, graphics, designs, brand logos, audio, video, interfaces and /or any other information, or the overall arrangement of content is protected and is owned and controlled by Mehfil; as well as all comments, feedback, ideas, suggestions, information or any other content provided by you (hereinafter referred to as “Mehfil IP”). You may not modify, publish, copy, transmit, transfer, sell, reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, license, distribute, frame, hyperlink, download, repost, perform, translate, mirror, display or commercially exploit Mehfil IP in any other way.

You agree that any feedback, comments, ideas, suggestions, information, pictures or any other content which you contribute to Mehfil or the Platform/Website (including the name you submit with any content) will be deemed to include a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, nonexclusive right and license for Mehfil to adopt, publish, reproduce, disseminate, transmit, distribute, copy, use, create derivative works from, display worldwide, or act on such content without additional approval or consideration in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed for the full term of any rights that may exist in such content, and you waive any claim to the contrary.

You represent and warrant that You own or otherwise control all of the rights to the content that you may contribute to the Website and that use of such content by Mehfil shall not infringe upon or violate the rights of any third party. Mehfil reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate your use of the Platform/Website and exercise any remedy (legal or otherwise) available to it, if Mehfil has reason to believe that you have violated the rights or terms of the Website or any third party.


Without prejudice to and in addition to any other remedies, reliefs or legal recourses available to Mehfil herein or any applicable laws or otherwise, and to the maximum extent permitted by law, you hereby undertake to defend, indemnify and hold the Company, its subsidiaries, affiliates, and each of its respective officers, agents, partners and employees, harmless from and against any loss, liability, claim, demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, resulting from the violation of the Terms of Use, provided herein, by you or arising out of your use of the Website in violation of these Terms of Use.


Mehfil shall not be liable for any damages of any kind whatsoever including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, exemplary and consequential damages, damages for loss of use, data or profits, or other intangible losses, which may arise or are arising from the use of this Platform/Website or any booking made via the Platform or any of the information, software, services and related graphics contained within the Website or any of the Services offered, regardless of whether such damages are based on contract, tort, negligence, strict liability or otherwise, and even if Mehfil has been advised of the possibility of damages.


You hereby waive any and all claims, causes of action, or the rights to bring such claims or causes of action, arising out of or related to the site, communication, or these terms and conditions after one (1) year from the first occurrence of the kind of act, event, condition, or omission upon which the claim or cause of action is based.


Mehfil shall not be responsible for failure or delay of performance caused by acts beyond our reasonable control including, without limitation, acts of God, acts of war or terrorism, shortage of supply, breakdowns or malfunctions, outbreak of an epidemic and/or pandemic, natural disasters, severe damage or destruction to the property, imposition of lockdown by a Government, significant or partial restrictions, interruptions or malfunction of computer facilities, cyber-attacks, irretrievable breakdown of our Website, or loss of data due to power failures or mechanical difficulties with information storage or retrieval systems, labour difficulties or civil unrest.


Any failure, delay or forbearance on the part of Mehfil in: (i) exercising any right, power or privilege under this Agreement; or (ii) enforcing terms of this Agreement, shall not operate as a waiver thereof, nor shall any single or partial exercise by Mehfil of any right, power or privilege preclude any other future exercise or enforcement thereof. Each of the terms contained in this Agreement shall be severable, and the unenforceability of one or more provisions of this Agreement shall not affect the enforceability of any other provision(s) or of the remainder of this Agreement. If any provision of this Agreement is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, the parties nevertheless agree that the court should endeavor to give effect to the parties’ intentions as reflected in the provision.


Mehfil reserves the right to assign or transfer any of its rights and obligations (in whole or in part) under this Agreement to any affiliate or third party.


This Terms of Use, together with any terms and conditions incorporated herein or referred to herein constitute the entire agreement between the parties relating to the subject matter hereof, and supersedes any prior understandings or agreements (whether oral or written) regarding the subject matter, and may not be amended or modified except in writing or by making such amendments or modifications available on this Website.


For any grievances: In case of any complaints or grievances in relation to Mehfil Platform, you may reach out to:

You may provide the details or the communication link of any obscene or prohibited content to the above email ID. Mehfil will take reasonable and practicable measures to remove or disable access to any obscene content from the Platform, within the timelines stipulated under applicable laws and regulations.

We will acknowledge the receipt of any complaint on receipt and will endeavour to address the complaint within the timelines stipulated under applicable laws and regulations.

Mehfil may allocate a unique ticket number for complaints made by you, for complaints of a certain nature. If allocated, you must quote the said ticket number for future communication and to track the status of your complaint.


The Terms of Use, its performance and all disputes arising out of or in connection with the Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Pakistan. All disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be finally settled under arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Act, 1940 by a panel consisting of One (1) arbitrator to be appointed by the Company and fee of which shall be shared between the parties equally. The language of the arbitration shall be English and the venue of the arbitration shall be at Karachi, Pakistan. The award of the arbitrator shall be final and binding, except for the enforcement of an arbitral award pursuant to this clause, if required or seeking injunctive or similar equitable relief.


This Agreement and all transactions entered into on or through Mehfil shall be interpreted, construed and governed by the laws of Pakistan which shall be applicable to this Agreement without regard to principles of conflict of laws. You agree that all claims, differences and disputes arising under or in connection with or in relation hereto the Agreement, the terms or any transactions entered into on or through the Website or the relationship between You and Mehfil shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Karachi and You hereby accede to and accept the jurisdiction of such courts.


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